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Editorial: You won’t break my soul

Hard times are an inescapable part of the human ex- perience. On a daily basis, I deal with chaos just about everywhere; on the news, in school, and at work. Devas- tating tragedies in other countries. Stacks of homework in every class. Getting into arguments with friends. Even bad traffic on the way to school. It can be seriously draining to manage so many feelings at one time.

The most important thing to do is not let it all build up. After all, there are no ways to get around hard times, only through them. Although it can be challeng- ing, I try to remain as positive as I can be, no matter what the circumstances may look like. When negative thoughts come flooding in, I remind myself of all the positive aspects of my life. It can be easy to forget all the good things that you have when you’re focused on the downsides.Problems tend to seem less prominent when viewed through a larger lens.

When the burdens are really heavy, I also like to dis- tract myself. If I’m honest, sometimes there are obsta- cles too great to be optimistic about. That is when I tap into my favorite hobbies until my stress is calmed. In a calm mindset, I can cope with a situation logically in- stead of having my emotions take over.

I don’t have to go at it alone, either. Surrounding my- self with positive, trustworthy people is a major key to my perseverance. Having a person to confide in, a soul to light up the dark times, or even just a shoulder to cry on makes all the difference. Taking time to communi- cate my feelings to someone, instead of bottling it all up, lifts a surprising amount of weight off of my chest. I take great pride in doing the same for others, too.

And I’ma build my own foundation

— Beyonce

Everyone needs a community to support them through both the sunshine and rain. I always know that in the Marietta community, there are readily available coun- selors, teachers, and provided therapists here to listen to any and all concerns.

My favorite artists also accompany me as I sit in my room, journaling my feelings down. As counterproduc- tive as it sounds, sometimes just sitting in my room, on my bed, to bask in my feelings is a healing mechanism. Negative experiences play an integral role in the person I am. They helped me build character and learn valuable life lessons. Even with all the chaos, I have managed to push through, again and again. It takes time, effort, and sometimes, a village, but they come and pass.

So long as I have supportive people, healthy habits, and a positive mindset, the hard times will be easier to persevere through. I can find a way to help others in need, to complete all my assignments, and repair my relationships in due time. Bad traffic is only temporary, too.

As the famous saying goes, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Or becomes a topic for a captivat- ing college essay. Either way, hard times are not just an obstacle, but an opportunity. An opportunity to develop character and seek change. An opportunity to determine the next step. An opportunity to build a foundation for positivity.

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