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Percy Jackson and the Olympians show does not live up to the hype

The new Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series through Disney Plus was a poor book-to-screen adaptation. It was disappointing to witness the author of the series, Rick Riordan, preach constantly online about how the series was meant to be this wonderful adaptation, but when it aired it definitely was not. The series was missing the “thrill” factor that the book provided, it was confusing to see all of the characters already have knowledge of the things about to happen to them. Rather than getting to witness them solve mysteries, finding new pieces of the puzzle and make them click. Not only was it missing the thrill, but it was also missing the fun, the adaptation completely let go of the majority of the humor and light-hearted moments that readers witnessed throughout the books.

The show was far too serious and that honestly made it boring since there was no thrill or humor to balance it out. Another point to make is that Riordan made major changes to the plot of the show, which made it almost a completely different storyline from the book. The show would’ve been better off as a stand-alone series about a young hero rather than deeming it as a “book-accurate” adaptation. It’s understandable to see why people enjoy the show, but as a book reader, it is easy to see where more could’ve been done to further develop the plot and make the show less of a bore.

 To say I completely dislike the show is untrue, the series started off strong, and it’s been a joy to watch a favorite childhood series come to life. However, the show just leaves a sense of wishing there was more, and hopefully, season 2 can fulfill that.

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